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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a PR Agency

Whether dealing with the Public Relations (PR) companies in Delhi for the first time or have dealt with them quite a many times, finding the right one is always a herculean task to do. Every professional working in a PR firm is adept at praising themselves and their company to make clients. With each one of them claiming to be the best and with hundreds of PR companies in Delhi selecting the one that has the experience and hunger to take client’s business to great heights is one of the toughest tasks to do. In order to get the best PR for startups, it is essential to find someone who clearly understands the workings and dealings and is able to sculpt out their story in a best possible way. Following are some of the questions that one needs to be clear with before starting a hunt for a PR Agency:

  1. ‘What are your needs?’ 

If one goes to a car dealer and asks for the best car, the dealer will surely ask for their needs and preferences to suggest one for them. So, calmly think what exactly your company needs at the moment? If there is a great internal marketing team working with you, then you might just need PR professionals to handle some special projects only.  Around 70 percent of PR firms in Delhi are full-service organizations, and only some have the potential to specialise in certain areas. So, before going on a hunt to find the best PR Agency in Delhi, it’s better to perform an internal evaluation and recognise your needs.

  1. ‘What is your financial capability?’ 

Speaking of the funds involved in the PR dealings, it can be as high as ₨. 1, 00,000 per week to as low as ₨. 30,000 per month. Services provided at these two different costs may vary enormously. A PR firm will surely want you to sign the long term deals. But it is you who needs to understand at what stage the business is and how deep your pockets are.

  1. ‘How quickly the results need to be expected?’ 

Public Relations is not a short-term process, but instead, it is a long game. Results can’t be derived in the first month itself because the first few months are all about getting on board, understanding the functioning, dealings and other logistical matters. At least a period of three months is enough to decide whether the firm is benefitting the business or not and whether it will be good to continue the partnership or not. The better you are clear about your goals and needs the less time will the firm take in giving you the real results.

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